The Game Called Rez

It is game time ladies and gents! Welcome to the best video games’ guide that is all about Rez! Whether or not you are a gamer at heart, you probably missed out on this video game! Thanks to the power of our nerdiness, if we may say, you are about to step into the Rez Zone! We are going to attempt to convert you into the best Rez player of all time, maybe as good as Stefan! Although the game came out in 2001, it is never too late to turn around and say, “I have missed out, that is a pretty awesome game!” And this is exactly what we would like to get out of you through our website! Are you ready?

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Who are we?

You may ask yourself whether or not we are gamers, and that is a pretty fair question! Well, let us make all your doubts vanish, because yes, indeed we are gamers! Could you imagine if we actually were fashionistas trying to switch careers and turn to gaming? Yeah, that would be pretty funny! Our team is made of 100% gamers; however, there is a catch! We have all sort of specialized in one console. Oh boy, you should see us sitting in our office and discussing which console is the best. It could legit last forever, and it could even get a little heated! So you will have Eric, who is an absolute fan of Playstation! The man has had, and still has all of them and all the side products, that Playstation put out! Then you have Timmy, who is an old school kind of gamer, who stayed stuck on Sega, and as a matter of fact, it is through him that the Rez obsession came about! Last but definitely not least, your one and only narrator, meaning me, who is an unconditional Nintendo’s adept, as well as online video games and previous owner of ! Now that you know the kind of consoles we each like, you can now picture the debates that take place in our office and the nerdy atmosphere! I mean, seriously, we all love to be entertained, and might as well choose the best kind in order to do so, no? Since we could not agree on the console, we managed to find a common ground through online video games. Now, let us take a look at a little overview of what we have to offer you on this platform, of which the inclusion of free slots games to play!

Rez: The 3D rail shooter

rez HD rez HD

Let’s get to the heart of the matter here! Our website is mainly focused on the Rez Game. Hence, you will benefit from a detailed description and constructive criticism of the game. We have challenged ourselves to be able to put down in a logical manner, all the elements you will need in order to fully understand all the hype around this game! You will find a lengthy historical background on the game, which is necessary to get a grasp on the latest versions, which you might find in the stores or online. Furthermore, you will have an entire page dedicated to every version of the game that came out since 2001, and kept evolving up until 2008! Since we have insisted on the fact that we all like different consoles, we are going to bring you articles that are going to be specific to each version of the game that was launched for Playstation, Sega and the online version! You will quickly have a glimpse at what you could expect on the console you prefer. Trust me, there will be no hard feelings if you side with Timmy or Eric, those are still very good games, but do not tell them that I have said that, I have to hold my ground!

Online video games and consoles

In this section, please believe that it is absolutely not about undermining your abilities and your knowledge as a gamer! From one gamer to another, you know that we have to help each other out, not to be overtaken by new technologies! Thanks to our statuses in the game, we have been able to try samples of different games, on different consoles, in different parts of the US, the UK and throughout Europe. Trust and believe that we have seen the worst as well as the best in a short span of time. Therefore, in order to prevent you from having to go through everything we have gone through, it was an absolute necessity to tell you guys the truth about video games. We have articles that will show you where to find the best consoles, and how to make the best deals. Also, we will guide you towards the best online video games’ platforms there are out there! We will make sure that you have all the criteria down in order to get the best entertainment you possibly can in your gaming venture!

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