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My favorite part you guys! Aside from venturing into the realms of! Online video games! You will find the best and only the best! So, since it is our website, I am going to go about a different way. I am not going to list you guys all the best online video games because I am pretty certain that you already know most of them! Therefore, this exercise would be useless. On the other one hand, what do you say if I give you my top 5 of the best sport online video games, and the best arcade games that almost nobody has heard about! Are you on for exclusive info? Let’s do it!

Top 5 sport online video games

So let’s talk about football, but the real football, the fully legged football, not some American football situation! What is your favorite team? Well, if you ask us, we are divided between Barça and Manchester United. So, for when FIFA gets old during the winter time, we like to move to online gaming platforms, so that we do not have to deal with Eric our colleague, who is literally the worst at fair-play and always ends up breaking things. At least, when you play online, you do not have to look at your opponents, or at least you will face the computer! All in all, it is a little piece of heaven, right in your living room! So, our five most favorite online football games are the following: Copa America 2015, Juve vs Barca, of course the remake of the Champions League final that I play over and over again to see Barca win, Champions League, Brazil vs Argentina and Sports Heads World Cup Challenge!

Top 5 arcade online video games

Let’s be honest, arcade games are our best friends. Especially around the winter time, don’t you agree? Well at least it is for us, hands down! So let us give our little top 5 of the best arcade games that you will be able to find online! The first one that tops all the other ones is League of Legends! You can play alone or as part of a team and it is fantastic! The second one would be Minecraft. In the third position, you will find Counter-strike, for you to be part of the global offensive! The fourth arcade online game is World of Warcraft, because it is World of Warcraft, the name should suffice! At the bottom of our top five you will Halo, and we have to say that it has been quite difficult for us to manage the list with this top game! I guess we all went by the ones we cannot do without and other that made a great impression on us once upon a time!