Rez: The 3D rail shooter

The d rail shooter The d rail shooter

It is time to dig deeper into the Rez game! For those who have no idea about what we are talking about, sit still because we are about to explain it all. On the other one hand, for those who are used to this game, you will have the opportunity to refresh your memory! If you memory is fresh enough, you will be able to play a game, and check whether or not our take on the game is true or completely outdated and wrong. We want to make it as entertaining as possible, without being too theoretical and bore you guys to death with unnecessary details about the game! For those with now interest inRez and came here in error, then click here for a different kind of game. With that being said, let’s keep it rollin’!

Historical background

In order to be more acquainted with the game, you will have to know everything that is relative to the game from its creation until its full development. This paragraph is simply an abstract of what we are going to get into in our next article. You already know that this infamous game came out in 2001. Now, do you know who was at the origin of the game? Well, that is an easy one it is the one and only United Game Artists sponsored by Sega! You can only imagine how Timmy feels right now, knowing that the game we have dedicated a whole website to, came about in his favorite console’s studios. Rez is a rail shooter game in 3D that takes place in an electronic network. The producer, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, wants you to play the role of a virus that has to deliver a mysterious woman stuck in the network’s webs. To know more, you will have to get to the second part of the article by clicking here!

The different versions

Throughout the different versions of the game, you will find a specific gamers’ guide in order to understand the new features added. In total, there were eight different versions of the game that have been orchestrated by different companies. You will have the Area1: Buggie Running Beeps, Area 2: Protocal Rain, Area 3: Creation The State of Art, Area 4: Rock Is Sponge, Area 5: Fear, Boss Attacks, Lost area and Trance mission: P-project. As you see, there have been quite a lot of different gaming episodes to the original game. It goes to show the level of popularity associated with the game. Fame attracted the interest of a number of gaming companies that seek the opportunity to adapt it into their own gaming realm. If you do not really fancy Sega, with all due respect to Timmy, you will find the game in Dreamcast, as well as on Playstation, which for Eric ecstatic, and later on online, which rocked my gamer’s world!

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